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Set in northwest Cambodia, Siem Reap is best known for being home to the incredible Angkor ruins, a sprawling World Heritage-listed complex of ancient temples with the magnificent Angkor Wat as the focal point. While the Angkor park is surely one of the globe’s most amazing historical sites, Siem Reap province is also home to an array of other ruins, such as Beng Mealea, Banteay Srei, and the holy mountain Phnom Kulen.

Siem Reap is pointed out to be a transportation hub and a landing area for visitors all around the world, which make Siem Reap’s international airport more crowded than the one in the capital city. This province has become the tourist hub for all kind of travelers with the presence of world-renowned hotels or resorts and a wide range of hostel in option.

Many rooted for Angkor Wat as their first visit upon their arrival in this majestic land, they can be the temple lovers yet there are those who willing extend their trip just to check out the complex of long distance temples like Koh Keh. The itinerary in this northwest province is quite tiring, as you can roam around and enjoy different sights and things from Sunrise till Sunset and past midnight; just like people say Nightlife chilling at dusk and ancient temple tour at dawn.


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